xinxmyxlifex (xinxmyxlifex) wrote in reggieloveseggs,

so i wonder how many community moderators i'm going to piss off with this post (which i admit i am making to this and other communities)

i'm bored... something's missing... i need to hear of new bands... can anyone recommend some? what band or song are you liking the most right now?
(i'm really really liking the new modest mouse song-float on)

how about movies? what's the last great movie you saw? or what movie do you recommend?
(i recommend the count of monte cristo)

how about shows? when's the next show that you'll be going to? who's the band... etc...etc... and are you excited about it?
(the next schedule show i'll be going to is get up kids in march @ the glasshouse in pomona, ca... and i'm semi excited because eventhough i've been a fan of theres for a long time now, i've yet to seem the play live)

(haha, an oldie but a goodie)

does anyone here love making mix tapes or cds... more importantly do you want to make me one?
(i'll make one for you in return)

what's the next 'fun' thing you've got planned? (maybe i'll go to the beach or to the mountains next weekend... is that fun?)

what time is it?
(12:45am i told you i was bored)

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    Can you plz delete me from ur this plz.

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    I do not feel your love but I heartily approve of your sentiment, good hearts.

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    i do not like eggs that much anymore. in fact i find them repulsive as of october 9th, 2003. what i prefer now above all other kinds of food is a…

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