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But no really theres this kid and he likes eggs and his name happens to be Reggie.

But youll never believe it. My dad taught me hwo to make scrambeled eggs last weekend and then todya I made um for dinner with pancakes! I rock so hard. Harder than gramma..

And so theres this other kid right..


you shols also spend time in yo benz, spoten sll yoo ends wit some chickens and some hens, while countin benjimenz. because that would be fly, that aint no lie, cause im just a guy wit nothin to fry. i come down clean, i swish listerean, remove my own spleen, and my cup contains lean, do you know what i mean? my penis goes hard just like my flow, it's hard pimpin all dem tricks and/or hoes. because some of my "friends" do not stick up for me when another is making fun of me... but you romie are cooler than a person who wou;s sell out their own friend. im a true playa, my favorite pain killer is Bayer, i don't comb my hair, i let it go everywhere. i am starting to not like my orange juice, but it is orange pineapple.gross at this time, romie , you are so drunk. call me tomorrow and we ca n go to the musci stoer together. i also need to teach you about series ans parallel circuit. "twinkle twinkle little star, V is eqaul to I*R" so true. remind to ring recover over so you can hear them, they are so great... even better than the misfits. "You're saracsm is addicting, your words are blunt yet have me craving more... I'm insanely addicted to your out look on life in general... in other words you're good for me. Take that however you please because there are many ways to take it" i love that quote so much.i am going to sleep now, goodnight... it is 2:21 am the temp is 69 degrees F.