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You will not believe what we made in Foods class today. EGGS. And not just any eggs. Italian sausage and mozerella fritatas. I bet you reggie would love them...er, more that regular eggs.

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Well, small world huh? Yeah that John, ;) He knows Tucker & Burkett & Daya & a bunch of other ppl probly.

I havent had eggs in so long. But I still love them & Reggie.


They say eh instead of what or duh, thats the mighty power of Canada. :P
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I'm ovulating!

Hello! I ate an egg once and I thought it was fabulous. I might eat another one someday.

I found the community and it seems funny so I joined. I live in Toronto, Ohio so I am really bored.
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I love Reggie. Reggie loves eggs. And I kinda like eggs...so does that mean that Reggie loves me too?

the title of the song I am listing to is too long to fit in the space. haha life is complete.
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this is kind of random, but does anyone remember the cartoon "doug" that was on nickelodeon? and if you do, do you remember the band they always had on there, the beets? and the song they sang - "banging on a trash can.."? AAH i hope someone remembers, or i'll feel like a dork!

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Well, check out this new background! LoL I made it on paint & its kind of small so it started to repeat. & I made is disjointed kuz thats how it looked best, sadly. I dont even know how to make the entries like in the center without a solid color background, yanno? I tried to ask Mitali but I didnt know how to explain it so I gave up. Well, keep on lovin reggie & his eggs :) Later.

OH! does anyone read Seventeen magazine? lmao...pg. 164 :) Jason from Phantom Planet!